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Does puppy fraud really exist???

YES!!!! Unfortunately there are many individuals who make a living from scamming others even when it comes to selling puppies.
Buyers Be Aware!!!
When I was purchasing my own English Bulldogs I came across several scams but thankfully I was very skeptical because I knew that it did exist therefore, I was very cautious. When you are looking to purchase a high dollar/quality dog and breed it is not the time to be gullible or to give others the benefit of the doubt!  
Key things to look for and speaking from my own experiences with puppy fraud:
-The puppy or puppies are absolutely gorgeous (show quality) and are for sale for a cheap price (under $1000.00). These people are stealing true breeders pictures from their personal websites and then posting them online for sale.
-Dogs are sadly stolen from homeowners and then sold. 
-The seller wants you to send the money before receiving the puppy.
-The seller is persistent in contacting you back to get you to agree to purchase and pay. 
-The seller insists on shipping the puppy to you. ***I finally figured out that they will ask where you are located first and then say that they are somewhere else that is really far from you. 
-The seller will assure you that the dog will arrive on your door step the next morning.
-Some people will have a sad story to go along with why they are getting rid of their puppies so cheap. 
**Coming across a brand new Lexus for $8,000 is not going to happen so keep the same thing in mind when purchasing an English bulldog unless you personally know the sellers.  
    (Keep in mind that the safest way to purchase a dog is to go to the site to pick up your new puppy, meeting the seller in a safe area where others are around (mall parking lot), or if this is the last resort when the distance is several miles away you can have your puppy shipped by an air flight. Make sure that you have confirmed that this breeder is legit before doing this. You can call the airport to confirm that the flight has been set up and scheduled. The airport can also tell you the color of the dog and the breed. 
Puppy Scam stories:
What Can I do to make you feel comfortable with purchasing a puppy from us?
You can view pictures of all our English Bulldogs on our website, Facebook, and by text. You can view live videos of the mom and her puppies. You can receive weekly updated pictures of your puppy upon request. This way you can see your puppy each week as it grows. You can visit us here on site to see the puppies. We offer a safe way to pay through PayPal. AKC papers will be provided during pickup of your puppy as well as vet records where the puppy has been vet checked, wormed, and vaccinations administered. 
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