Upcoming 2021 Puppies...

Rootin' Tuten's Jessie Jae & Live Like Legends Stud Legend

Bred March 23, 2021

Rootin' Tuten's Jessie Jae

Cali's Finest Stud...


from Live Like Legends 

Rootin' Tuten's Jessie Jae & Legend's Reserved Puppy Picks


1st pick:  

2nd pick: 

3rd pick: 

Rootin' Tuten's Zella K & Exact Classic's Grand Champion Stud Outlaw

Bred April 2, 2021

Zella K

Zella and Outlaw's Reserved Puppy Picks


1st pick: K. Montague family 

2nd pick: Chang/Lowe family

3rd pick: 

Rootin' Tuten's Roxy Rae & Summo's Stud Gunner

Planned Breeding Spring 2021

Roxy Rae


Roxy's Reserved Puppy Picks


1st pick: 

2nd pick: 

3rd pick: 

Rootin' Tuten's Lola Mae & Summo's Aaron (European bloodline stud)

Bred April 1, 2021

Lola Mae

Summo's Aaron

Lola's Reserved Puppy Picks


1st pick: Walls family 

2nd pick: McConaha family 

3rd pick:

Puppy prices can range from $3,000-$12,000 depending on puppy quality, bloodline, and/or color. Puppy pricing is subject to change per litter and puppy.

Website updated: April 4, 2021 

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