Champion Stud Outlaw & Zella Champion/Grand Champion Bloodline Puppies arrived on April 13, 2020

Mr. Tumnus is home with the Maddox Family

 Delilah is home with the  J. Wilson family 

Zola is home with the Starnes Family 

Home with the Richmond Family

Iris is home with the Hodson Family

Marshall (European bloodline) & Roxy aka Nora's Puppies arrived on April 13, 2020!

Samson is home with the Emerson Family

Ruthie is Home with the Woodson Family

Ruby is home with the Dill Family

Sammi is home with the Parker Family

Gunner & Lola's Puppies arrived on April 11, 2020

Rossi is home with the M.Gosselin Family

Home with the Myers Family

Home with the Teague Family

Reserved  Tullahoma, Tn

Puppy deposits and order of picks:

1st pick - J. Wilson (Zella's Girl #1)

2nd pick - C.Myers (Lola's Boy #2)

3rd pick - J.Teague (Lola's Girl #1)

4th pick- M.Parker(Roxy's Girl #3) 

5th pick - B. Richmond (Zella's Girl #3)

6th pick - L. Emerson (Roxy's Boy)

7th pick - reserved

8th pick - L. Dill (Roxy's Girl #2)

9th pick - M. Gosselin (Lola's Boy #1)

10th pick - B. Maddox

11th pick - Reserved (Lola's Girl # 2)

12th pick - K. Woodson (Roxy's Girl # 1)

13th pick -Hodson Family (Zella's Girl#4) 

Once these families have picked their puppy, the rest will be on a first come basis. Puppies will not be held or reserved for a family until a deposit is received. 

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Approximate Puppy prices range from $2,500-$4,000 depending on the puppy quality, bloodline, and breeding rights. Puppy pricing is subject to change per litter and puppy.

Website updated: June 10, 2020 


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