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Daisy and Justice Puppies


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Champion Stud Justice

Champion Bloodline Puppies

Daisy's Girl Puppy A

 Eye Mask 

Ferris is Reserved for the

Novak Family 

Daisy's Girl Puppy B

 Full Mask 

Nova is Reserved for the

Parker Family in Alabama!!!

Daisy's Girl Puppy C 

Journey is Reserved for the

Novak Family 

Daisy's Girl Puppy D


Luna Rey is Reserved for Jeremy Kaylor  in Athens, Tennessee!!!

Daisy's boy Puppy 1


Reserved for Mark Casteix 

in New Orleans!!!

Daisy's boy Puppy 2

 White head

Pretty boy in pink 

Mozzie is Reserved for the Holland Family in Greenbrier, Tennessee!!!

     Zella & Justice 's Puppies 2018 

     Zella & Justice's Puppies Are Here! 

Champion Stud Justice

Grand Champion Sired Zella

Champion Bloodline Puppies

Zella's One and Only Boy

Reserved for the Cox Family in Alabama!!!

Zella's Girl Puppy # 1

Covered Ears-No Spot

MiMi is Reserved for Russel Sanchez  in California but soon to be a TN resident!!!

Zella's Girl Puppy # 2

Black nose & Spot on head

Izzie will be staying here with us!!!

Zella's Girl Puppy # 3

Reserved for the

Schutz Family in St. Louis!!!

Zella's Girl Puppy # 4

Reserved for the

Montalbano Family in Chicago!!!

Zella's Girl Puppy # 5

Covered Ears With Spot on Head

Reserved for the Reno family in Texas

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