Puppies are here!! Born November 6, 2020

Rootin' Tuten's Jessie Jae

Cali's Finest Stud...


from Live Like Legends 

Collection Day

4 Lilac Tri Merles!!

2 boys / 2 girls

Lilac Tri Merle Boy 

-Reserved for the Brooks Family-

Lilac Tri Merle Boy 

Reserved for the Christensen family in North Carolina

Lilac Tri Merle Girl 

Reserved for the McDonald family

Lilac Tri Merle Girl 

Reserved for Rootin' Tuten Bulldogs 

Rootin' Tuten's Roxy Rae

& Summo's Stud Gunner

 December 7, 2020

Roxy Rae

Sumo Bulldogs Stud - Gunner

95% European Bloodline Stud

Roxy and Gunner Reserved Puppies


Girl puppy: Dickson family 

Rootin' Tuten's Zella K & Exact Classic's Grand Champion Stud Outlaw

Breeding Spring 2021

Zella K

Zella and Outlaw Reserved Puppy Picks


1st pick: K. Montague family 

2nd pick: 

3rd pick:

Puppy prices can range from $2,500-$10,000 depending on puppy quality, bloodline, and/or color. Puppy pricing is subject to change per litter and puppy.

Website updated: December 31, 2020 

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